Thursday, July 11, 2013

Review: Te Amo: I Love You by Rohit Sharma

There has been a surge of writers for the past couple of years and romance has been a hot favorite genre for most of them. Some of them have clicked with the readers and some didn't. Rohit Sharma debuts with his novel "Te Amo: I Love You" in this cut throat competition to leave a mark on readers. Did he nailed it to perfection or it's just another piece of work lost in the maze of books? Let's find out. 

It is said that LOVE changes LIVES forever! Well, it certainly does for Isabella and Aryan. They meet. They fall in love. But soon they realise that love is all about Sacrifices, Efforts and Hope.
A sacrifice, which Isabella makes for her family and her love, Aryan. A sacrifice, which compels her to stay with Ethan, the man she hates most, and the man who tortures her everyday !
An effort, which Aryan makes to rescue his love, Isabella, from the dreadful clutches of the extremely powerful Ethan, and his vicious gang.
A hope that persistently flares in the hearts of Isabella and Aryan, a hope to stay together, forever. But, will Isabella's selfless sacrifices bring any good to her, or her loved ones? Will Aryan's death-defying efforts be successful? Will Isabella and Aryan's eternal hope eventually come true?

First of all when you life the book in your hands the glossy feel and the cover page of the book makes you fall in love with it instantly. The blurb behind the book is convincing enough to generate fair amount of interest among the readers. But what Rohit Sharma did with the content inside the book is something which is unexplainable. He nailed the book to perfection. If ever you want to cherish an Indian fiction work in your bookshelf this'll be one book which will find a special place for itself. 

Rohit Sharma has churned out a story with an extensive research work on Spanish culture mixed with an Indian protagonist with some high octane action and not to forget the the journey of love, sacrifices and plethora of emotions which make an everlasting impression on the mind of the readers. The story revolves around Aryan our Indian hero with classy looks, a self made man and head strong not to fall in love and Isabella a Spanish girl who is beautiful, gorgeous and will sweep our hero of his feet completely. But this journey contains a rough and rocky patch ahead when a villain Ethan comes into the picture. From there on it's a story of survival of love through difficult times. 

The story is brilliant. The plot IS exceptional. Rohit seems to have worked out each and every detail in this book to perfection while penning it down. Flaws are hard to find and the hype surrounding the book is justified. Each & every word, the Spanish culture, merger of two souls into one, the thrill and the tough choices one has to make & the support of the others have been portrayed to perfection. I would have been disappointed if the Spanish title wouldn't have match the content of the book but Rohit's use of Spanish culture shows the amount of efforts put down to get it absolutely right and he has done it with ease. 

The flow of the book is like a calm river with a gentle breeze blowing around and the atmosphere created by the story is such that leaves you in a state of trance for a very long time. The best part about the book he has not overdone anything. The balance between love & hatred, love & sacrifice has been scaled up to the limit where readers can imagine the entire scenario to perfection. The simplicity of the language and the ease with which everything has been written is more than enough to sweep anybody of their feet. 

A book like this is written once in a lifetime but it remains in the readers mind forever. A work which can be passed on to generations to read. 

Gracias Rohit for such an exemplary piece of Romantic Thriller book. 

Te-Amo as a friend, as a brother & as a reader to give us an opportunity to read what one can say is a cherished book for us. 

No amount of words or no amount of appreciation can justify the work. I will recommend it to all the readers who have might experienced love in their lives and to those people too who are yet to go through this beautiful experience called "LOVE" in their lives.  Even the Spaniards will be proud of this work. 


5 OUT OF 5


  1. First of all thank you for picking up my debut book. And, thanks again for reviewing it. I am glad you liked it :) :) Stay blessed.

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